Michi's Sprite Construction Kit

The Sprite Construction Kit is a program to put several images into a single file. You can also edit the images with a set of tools. You will find some Visual Basic sample code explaining to use the sprites in your Visual Basic game on my VB-page or download my sprite player example here. I programmed the Sprite Construction Kit, because I wanted an easy way to create the sprite files for my game "winfighter". The program is freeware.


The Sprite Construction Kit v1.0 beta 2 features:

The following features are planed for future versions:

Download and installation instructions:
1. Download the file and save it in an empty directory.
2. The file is self extracting. Simply double click on it to extract it
3. Run the program "setup.exe" and follow the instructions
Download Sprite Construction Kit (with runtime files) 1.5MB
If you downloaded a previous version of Sprite Construction kit, you do not need to download the runtime files again.

Known bugs: